San-Clean - Key Details

  • Founded by an active-duty first responder from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Mobilized specifically to help communities come back stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Safe building certificate program to build trust and prove safety of indoor spaces
  • Specially trained to provide safe space plans for reopening or providing long term safety
  • A team of experienced professionals, with backgrounds in disinfection chemistry and surface safety


Trusted Disinfection Technology

  • Chemistry and application methods suitable for your space
  • Ensuring proper dwell time in accordance with EPA guidance and disinfectant product labels
  • Rapidly expanding disinfection service & coronavirus safe certification program
  • Knowledgeable about cleaning options for high touch surfaces, disinfection for food and food prep, chemical options that provide a long lasting germ killing effect or are pet and child safe.
Elevator call panel with black push buttons


  • Making surface disinfection easier for facility owners and managers
  • Enabling people to return to work with a more sanitized environment
  • Ideal for high-traffic businesses, spaces serving at-risk populations, public spaces and anywhere that occupants need to feel safe
  • Minimal disruption to business operations or space availability
  • Confidently creating a top-notch safety experience for your customers
  • Building trust within the community

We have a long way back to normal. San-Clean guides the process.